Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce
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I don't just LOVE the Chamber, I am IN AWE...! I feel empowered, supported, inspired, protected, taken care simply just could not get any better. Period. If you are nearby, a business owner and NOT a MEMBER yet, you are MISSING OUT big time! Come and join the Chamber today.
This is my first time being a member of a Chamber of Chamber, and I have to say that I am glad I made the decision to do so. From the time that I set foot inside the office of Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce, I was greeted with such enthusiasm that made me feel like I was welcome there and that they were excited to have me stop by to learn more about how they can help spread the word about my community. Looking forward all the great things this relationship has in store for me and my business.
As a new member, I am very pleased with the information I receive from all to help our business thrive in the Punta Gorda area. I look forward to many more years being involved in the community.
Response from the owner: Scott. Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate you as a new member and hope you'll see the benefits of membership in the coming weeks.
Have been many times over the years. They are an invaluable resource that is so often overlooked. We were able to get information on upcoming events, local banks, new businesses - all in one stop. No need to fight the computer. Staff is friendly and helpful. #puntagorda #business #information
Very hard working people
Always such a wealth of information. The staff is A+.
Everyone at the Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce has always been very helpful and informative. They are in a great location for folks to stop by ! They offer great advice and interesting local brochures and local event info.
Friendly group of people, I had a slight problem with email but Tara fix it as soon as I brought it to her attention.
All of the Chamber staff and members have been so welcoming! A Chamber like no other! John and his team are truly engaged with the community and here to serve every single member no matter the size of their business. Thank you for all that you do for us members and our community!
The Chamber has been such a blessing. They do everything they can to assist local businesses in growth and outreach in the community!
The Chamber offers so many ways to get your business up on top! Thanks Chamber!
Extremely focused and very helpful to ensure success.
In my previous position, I was involved in five different chambers. PG Chamber is by far the most friendly, and helpful chamber that I have had experience with. Thank you John and Tara!
In my last position, I was actively involved in 5 different chambers. PG Chamber is by far the most friendly, and helpful chamber that I have had experience with. Thank you John and Tara!
Response from the owner: Shannon - thank you so very much. We try our best!
The best Chamber ever!
Response from the owner: Patty, we love you!
I am a brand new member to the Punta Gorda Chamber. The group is extremely welcoming and very helpful. After joining. I found that there is many different businesses within the chamber that I didnt even knew existed until I joined. As a realtor we have requests from people all over the country looking to move to the area, andmy experience with the chamber has given me a leg up on those whom have not joined. The staff is some of the best people in town....knowledgeable, and most importantly... friendly. Great experience thus far.
Response from the owner: Thank you Don
Being a part of the Chamber has been a huge part of our success as a business. The Chamber president and staff are always eager to provide assistance and support. The Chamber members are truly a great group and very supportive of fellow business and many, many non profit organizations. The many venues and events organized by the Chamber provide great entertainment for both locals and visitors year round. I recommend visiting the website often for both businesses and residents/visitors - full of great information.
Response from the owner: Thank you Rich
Being a Chamber member, we know that our sanctuary will be promoted by the Chamber, the networking and informational lunches we participate in is always helpful to stay out there in front of our community. The Punta Gorda Chamber (and its members) is like an extended family that supports one another because of how the Chamber staff always has our back! We appreciate being included in The Wine and Jazz festival every year, and any other events that will also keep in front of the community and visitors to Punta Gorda, which is imperative for our survival. We are blessed to have such a well run Chamber! So, thank you for all you do for your members!
Great People! John and the Chamber staff are outstanding and do an excellent job serving their members and the community.
As a small business owner, I couldn’t ask for a better team on my side. This was my fourth year in business and the staff at the Charlotte County Chamber has always been there to help me grow my business. They always keep the community up to date on what’s going on and always supportive. They are a big part of the GrandCare Plus team, thank you for your support.
Response from the owner: We love our members
Since day one of meeting everyone at the Punta Gorda Chamber, they have welcomed me with open arms and taken me in like I am a part of their family. John especially has done so much for me personally as well as the non profit I work for. I cannot thank them enough. You guys ROCK!!!!
Response from the owner: We love our members
I've worked with dozens of Chambers over the years, none better than the Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce. John and his excellent staff take it to the next level with fun, personalized service to members and the community at large. I value my membership, plan to renew and become more active now that I live in the area.
What a wonderful group to be associated with. The networking possibilities are endless and have provided opportunities with some great, great people. Did I say GREAT, I meant stupendous, caring, business minded, super people. I look forward to working with the Chamber and all its members. Have a wonderful year! Thank you Della Booth for the introductions...
The Punta Gorda Chamber is extremely involved in our community and the support of business. The value of our membership is immeasurable. The Chamber and all of it's members are like having an extended family. John and the staff extend A+ service everyday. Excellent opportunity for businesses to network and enjoy community special event.
A big thank you to Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce- We are so appreciative of your support of nonprofits in Charlotte County! While the various forms of networking opportunities are helpful in getting to know our community businesses and agencies, more importantly, your events allows us to share our mission with so many!!!
I am a member of many different groups and chambers and by far Punta Gorda Chamber is an incredible way to get your business noticed. The support from members is encouraging and most of all caring. They go out of their way to help your business be successful.
The Punta Gorda Chamber provides a great outlet to large and small organizations for networking and community service opportunities. The staff are extremely helpful and are the perfect first impression for visitors who are enjoying our community. I find a lot of value in our membership!!!
Love the Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce! They are incredibly helpful and supportive of their members, and are always searching for new and effective ways to expand that support. 💥
The Punta Gorda Chamber is fantastic! They are incredibly helpful and supportive of their members, and are always searching for new and effective ways to expand that support.
Think the Chamber does an excellent job representing the business community under the leadership of John Wright. His high energy level and creative thinking has kept the Punta Gorda Chamber leading the pack as a business organization. John manages to gather a great team around him and does whatever it takes to forward the mission and goals of the Chamber. It is critical to have an engaged and supportive Board of Directors. I think this is a great organization and highly effective.
The Punta Gorda Chamber, and in particular John Wright, is very pro business and offers numerous productive opportunities to network and meet new contact on a favorable basis. I would highly recommend new and mature businesses to consider membership as a interval part of a marketing plan.
It is a great benefit for a small business to be a member of the Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce! The staff is always courteous and helpful, and John Wright is a terrific leader of the chamber. Thank you for all that you do for Punta Gorda!
Response from the owner: Thank you
Our Punta Gorda Chamber does a great job to keep us connected. It is a great way to network with other business owners and keep up to date with the activities in the city. John Wright and his merry band are wonderful!
The Punta Gorda Chamber is a great resource for networking with other small business owners and for advertising your business. Consider joining today, if you are looking for ways to meet others.
The Punta Gorda Chamber is a wonderful resource for its members as well as our residents and visitors. They are always providing fabulous networking opportunities!
I think this is a great group who wants to see Punta Gorda thrive. I trust that post COVID-19, the Chamber will continue to be the Anchor that businesses need.
The Punta Gorda Chamber is a wonderful resource for its members as well as our residents and visitors. They are always providing fabulous networking opportunities!
John and his team are great !!! They are always ready to help, reach the community of Punta Gorda.
It’s a great service for all of the residents and visitors
Very helpful and friendly staff!!!
Got to love the small town feel ,with a Chamber that has its hands in everything that makes an community go for good the Great !!!
Response from the owner: Thank you
The Punta Gorda Chamber provides fabulous networking experiences and quality events for residents, visitors and business owners in our community!
We opened a new business in downtown Punta Gorda 2 years ago. We joined the chamber immediately and it has been a good experience for us. The staff at the chamber office are helpful and the networking events have enabled us to find new clients and make new friends.
Response from the owner: Cindy and Stan - you are a delight
Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce is fabulous! Of all the chambers we have been associated with, none compare to PGCC! All of the personnel are knowledgeable, friendly and professional. The number and quality of events for businesses, individual members and the community is beyond compare. We recommend joining to all friends and business associates.
This chamber is very innovative and always supportive to it's members initiatives. The support staff is outstanding!
Response from the owner: Thank you Sue
A fun group dedicated to the growth of business and the community.
Great Chamber of Commerce, amazing people who really care for the town, the people and the businesses ! I highly recommend everybody to join!
Everyone at the PG Chamber has been so supportive of Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary for many years. We couldn’t ask for a better Chamber!
The entire Chamber is devoted to helping Punta Gorda become the premier location in SW Florida. All the activities and events are a great way to invite everyone to see what we are all about.
Highly engaged and fun Chamber of Commerce! The staff at The Punta Gorda Chamber is very professional, helpful and care to help our visitors, residents and their members! Keep up the good work!
The Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce is one of the best investments that you can make for your business. The contacts that you can make and the overall benefits are extremely important. The Chamber office is friendly, knowledgeble and conveniently located right in the middle of Punta Gorda.
The Chamber is an invaluable resource for both me and my clients. As a small business owner the networking opportunities are plentiful. But I also find the staff are always willing to assist in any way. I am very comfortable sending clients and visitors to the Chamber as I know they will be well taken care of.
Going to an event put on by the Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce is always something to look forward to. You have fun and get to meet like-minded business people and network at the same time. How can you beat that?
Punta Gorda Chamber is Fabulous! Amazing Professional Business People that know how to network and have an awesome event. It is a pleasure being a member over the years. The staff is amazing and so is Suzanne with Chamber Masters.
Joining the Punta Gorda Chamber was the best decision I made when I moved here 7 years ago. There are so many resources available to its members. Each month, the Chamber schedules a breakfast, lunch and Business After Hours so its members can network; this is in addition to ribbon cuttings and special events, planned by John Wright, President, and his amazing staff. Moreover, the people in this Chamber are exemplary and I'm happy to say so many have become very close friends. The Punta Gorda Chamber has become my 2nd family.,
The Punta Gorda Chamber is the best way for businesses and individuals to get involved with the community. The Chamber keeps the community vibrant, diverse and most of all fun.
Always helpful, awesome group of people. Awesome community group, we will stay within our Punta Gorda Chamber because they make you feel welcome.
The friendships that have been made through this great chamber are amazing as well as the business connections, well worth the investment.
It was on my to-do list to become a member of this organization for a long time. Finally, this summer I joined. I knew - joining a networking organization also means time commitment (because it's just like a gym, if you don't use your membership, it doesn't work). So, this summer it was about time to do it.The experience was just WOW! I mean, it's not my first chamber membership, I've been in 3 others (still kept membership for one of them) but yes - wow - this is a very new experience. I thought Punta Gorda is a tiny town, very calm etc... but I was so wrong. The activities are great, so many events and opportunities to connect with other people and so many opportunities to market our business. And the president is the most active I've ever seen and really caring. He is not just doing his job, I believe there is true passion behind this and this helps a lot to put this organization into this what it is right now. A buzzing swarm of great people, open to connect, talk, network. It's a really great experience and I just recently said to another new member, I should have joined much earlier.
Awesome members! Awesome community!
The family connection and love the members have for each other
We Love Punta Gorda have been here for 9 years now to vacation a couple times a year. Love the downtown area very beautful and the people are very friendly♡


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